Professional Equipment

Path-Chek Incubator for swabs

Path-Chek Incubator for swabs
The Path-Chek Cultura M Incubator can be used for the incubation of Path-Chek broths, as well as the incubation of Petri Disks, dip slides, slopes and other broths.

The unit can be adjusted for incubation in any temperature between 25 and 45 °C (77 to 113 °F) with a stability range of +/- 1 °C (1,8 °F).

The Path-Chek Cultura M Incubator allows Food Producers to take the detection of Harmful Microorganisms into their own hands, giving them the possibility to incubate their own samples, at the correct temperature, thus reducing the time needed to get the results.

The unit includes:

  • a fireproof case with a transparent door, for easy observation of the samples
  • a thermometer in a special tube, for easy monitoring and control of the temperature

The shelves for sample placement are available by various suppliers, or can be supplied by us on demand.

Please refer to the Brochure above for the Technical Specifications of the Incubator.